Can You Still Get Student Loans After Filing Bankruptcy?

Answer Furthering your education beyond high school or earning an advanced degree can be a worthwhile goal, but it can be expensive. Many people need to take out student loans to finance higher education.... Read More »

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Can I still get student loans after bankruptcy?

Because a student's eligibility for a loan after bankruptcy depends on a number of factors, such as the student loan program and type of bankruptcy, every circumstance is unique. To determine wheth... Read More »

If you declare Bankruptcy Will you still be able to get Student loans for college?

If you filed for bankruptcy and are still are a student or thinking about going back to school you still can get government financial assistance. Not all is lost, because you are young and had to g... Read More »

Can you still buy a car or house after filing bankruptcy?

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) home loans have the most flexible credit standards, requiring bankruptcy discharges to be at least two years old. Car loans are also a possibility after bankruptcy o... Read More »

How do I tackle my student loans Is is true if I claim bankruptcy I still have to pay They are overwhelmin?

Unfortunately, student loans are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. Have you tried consolidated your student loans? It can both lower the interest rate (along with making it a fixed interest rate i... Read More »