Can You Sell Your Home if You Still Owe the Bank?

Answer When you come to the conclusion that you cannot afford your mortgage, you must make a tough decision -- how to get rid of your home. You might think that the mortgage you signed must be repaid in a... Read More »

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How to Sell a Bank Owned Home?

If you want to sell Bank Owned Homes, you need to have a real estate realtor’s licensed. Just so you know, these homes are properties owned by banks acquired through foreclosure proceedings.But b... Read More »

If I Transfer or Sell My Property While in Foreclosure, Can They Still Foreclose & Sell My Home?

Receiving a notice of foreclosure does not mean you automatically lose your home. The ultimate goal of the lender is to recoup the unpaid mortgage debt. If you are able to bring the mortgage balanc... Read More »

How to Sell Old Bank Notes?

The first country to issue bank notes was China in the 13th century. The idea rapidly spread. During the last century, old bank notes became a common object to collect. A market of old and rare ban... Read More »

How to Sell a Foreclosure When You Buy From a Bank?

A foreclosure occurs when a property has been reclaimed by a lien holder, usually a bank. A foreclosed property is the result of a court action whereby a judge grants the bank's request to acquire ... Read More »