Can You Safely Give a Dog Silver Biotics?

Answer Most silver biotics---a man-made type of mineral supplement---are nontoxic, and companies actually make silver biotics for pets. But if you wish to use silver biotics not intended for pets, consult... Read More »

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What is Silver Biotics used for?

Silver Biotics is an engineered silver nano-particle mineral supplement that contains 10 ppm silver. American Biotech Labs uses its patented silver technology in Silver Biotics. The company claims ... Read More »

What is in silver biotics?

Silver Biotics is a popular brand of colloidal silver supplement commonly used in the hopes of enhancing the immune system or as a natural antibiotic.Type of SilverAccording to the manufacturer, th... Read More »

Is colloidal silver bad for you Whats the truth Does it safely cure viruses?

There's a whole bunch of people on the internet saying they have bigfoot in a freezer and that Bush was smart enough to plan 9/11 as well.Is it harmful? Not particularly, though there are cases of... Read More »

How to Safely Give Yourself a Chemical Peel?

Skin peels are quickly becoming the most sought after skin cleaning procedures. Unfortunately, professional skin peels have been cursed with a scary (and expensive) reputation that keeps men and w... Read More »