Can You Safely Give a Dog Silver Biotics?

Answer Most silver biotics---a man-made type of mineral supplement---are nontoxic, and companies actually make silver biotics for pets. But if you wish to use silver biotics not intended for pets, consult... Read More »

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What is in silver biotics?

Silver Biotics is a popular brand of colloidal silver supplement commonly used in the hopes of enhancing the immune system or as a natural antibiotic.Type of SilverAccording to the manufacturer, th... Read More »

What is Silver Biotics used for?

Silver Biotics is an engineered silver nano-particle mineral supplement that contains 10 ppm silver. American Biotech Labs uses its patented silver technology in Silver Biotics. The company claims ... Read More »

Is colloidal silver bad for you Whats the truth Does it safely cure viruses?

There's a whole bunch of people on the internet saying they have bigfoot in a freezer and that Bush was smart enough to plan 9/11 as well.Is it harmful? Not particularly, though there are cases of... Read More »

How to Give Charity Donations Safely?

Before you give donations to any charity, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to insure your money goes where you intended it to. This also helps to keep you safe from identity theft a... Read More »