Can You Resign & Still Collect Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation?

Answer Most people on unemployment were laid off from their job or otherwise terminated form employment for reasons beyond their control. In limited circumstances, however, workers may qualify for unemplo... Read More »

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Can you collect unemployment if you resign from a job?

The ability to collect unemployment if you resigned varies from state to state. In general, you must prove that you tried to keep your job--that you talked to your boss, attempted to resolve any pr... Read More »

Can You Collect Unemployment if You Resign Due to Relocating?

Moving to a new location with no job can be stressful. Unemployment benefits can ease some of the financial stress. While you're employed, your employer pays into your state's unemployment insuranc... Read More »

Can someone on Social Security disability also collect unemployment compensation?

Many countries have better health care coverage than we do. German health care is very good and they cover all of their people. The Swiss and Swedes have excellant care, but they pay high taxes for... Read More »

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Questions?

According to the United States Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics), almost 10 percent of Americans were unemployed as of September 2010. As of August 2010, the bureau reports that seve... Read More »