Can You Refinance a Cosigned Loan After You Have Paid on it for Two Years?

Answer Financial expert Mary Rowland of MSN Money Central says people should never cosign a loan, because removing a cosigner is difficult without refinancing. However, if you have paid a cosigned loan fo... Read More »

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If you are a co-signer on a loan for a house and you refinance will your old debts be paid off?

Answer Co-signer or co-borrower? A cosigner has no legal right to property, unless their name is on the title/deed. When refinancing a house, if there is a "cash out" transaction, that money can be... Read More »

What Happens to a Cosigned Loan in a Bankruptcy?

For those with less than perfect credit, getting a co-signer can mean the difference between obtaining financing for a large purchase or having a loan application denied. By agreeing to co-sign, th... Read More »

Can you register your car in MA if your dad cosigned the loan& he lives in New Hampshire?

Massachusetts law does not require the cosigner of an automobile loan to be present to affect vehicle registration. No restrictions are imposed on registering an automobile that was paid for with a... Read More »

I defaulted on a student loan, It was paid in full 5 years ago. Is it possible to get new loans for education?

Once a defaulted loan is paid in full you regain eligibilty for Title IV funding (financial aid), but your credit record will continue to show the defaulted loan for 7 years. If you are totally pa... Read More »