Can You Reduce Overtime by Hiring Temporary Workers?

Answer Employers looking to save money might consider hiring temporary workers instead of paying their current employees overtime for working longer hours.There are advantages and disadvantages to this ap... Read More »

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Laws Regarding the Hiring of Contract and Temporary Workers?

Temporary workers, also known as independent contractors, provide a way for companies to fill positions without committing to long-term employment. Companies also can review the work of temporary e... Read More »

Salary Workers & Overtime Pay?

A salaried worker receives a certain amount of pay that constitutes salary each pay period; the amount can be all or part of her pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which the United States De... Read More »

Do Salaried Workers Not Get Overtime When They Work?

When the workload increases and workers are required to put in longer hours, workers often wonder about overtime. However, by federal law, only certain workers are eligibile to receive overtime. Th... Read More »

What is hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards called?

Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without first instilling proper safeguards is called negligent hiring. Under the law, an employer can be liable for the violent or dangerous behavior of... Read More »