Can You Recharge Your Car Battery by Idling?

Answer Keeping your battery charged will save you time and frustration when you need to start your car. Idling your vehicle can create a small electrical current to help charge your battery.

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Will your battery recharge if you put it in the frige?

No, it is just said to extend their life if not immediately used.

How to Recharge a 12V Battery?

Twelve-volt batteries are used in automobiles. If your vehicle does not start, it might mean the battery is dead or in need of a charge. You can test and charge your battery with relative ease in a... Read More »

How to Recharge Battery?

Recharge your car battery if it is giving you problems such as not starting in a store parking lot. With this option, you may not have a battery that has all of the characteristics as when it was b... Read More »

Can you recharge a dead Li-ion battery?

Yes, you can recharge a dead Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery. In fact, a deliberate full discharge and recharge of a Li-ion battery every 30 or so charges can actually prolong its life. Frequent full ... Read More »