Can You Prorate a Salary Paycheck?

Answer When you pay employees on a salary basis, it means you pay them a specific amount each payday, which makes up all or part of their pay. In most cases, you cannot reduce or prorate an employee's sal... Read More »

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How to Prorate Salary?

When you prorate salary, you determine how much an employee earned during a partial work period. It’s a necessary step in determining the fair amount of pay for an employee that begins employment... Read More »

How to Figure Out My Paycheck Based on My Annual Salary?

If you've been offered a new job and are having trouble working out how your annual salary will translate to a regular income or are concerned that your current employer isn't paying you properly, ... Read More »

How to Save Money When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck?

Putting money aside is a challenge if you are just getting by. If you are out of funds by the time the payday arrives, the last thing on your mind is putting money away for the future. But no matte... Read More »

How to Prorate Rent?

While most landlords put a lot of thought into how much rent to charge for an apartment, house or condo, if a prospective tenant moves in mid-month, the landlord may not have a clue how to prorate ... Read More »