Can You Polish Fake Fingernails With Regular Nail Polish?

Answer Fake nails are designed to look as genuine as possible and usually mimic real nails in terms of shape, color and texture. As such, it is possible to paint fake nails just as you would real nails. Y... Read More »

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How to Keep Nail Polish on Real Fingernails?

Nail polish is one way to dress up the tips of your fingers and toes to coordinate them with whatever look you want to present. Sometimes, nail polish can be frustrating though as, if done improper... Read More »

How Does Nail Polish Protect Fingernails?

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How do you get black nail polish out of a pink fabric chair please dont say nail polish remover!! help!!!!!!?

Vinegar. Don't pour it on the stain though. Apply some to a cotton ball and blot the stain.

I tried using nail polish remover to get a fake nail off and now my finger feels weird?

Soaking your finger in alcohol even for a few minutes will make your finger kind of "pruney" Alcohol will suck out the moisture and dry out your skin (kind of like the effect of keeping your finger... Read More »