Can You Plant Rhododendrons Under Pine Trees?

Answer A variety of growing conditions necessary for the health of a rhododendron shrub are met by the careful placement of the plant within the partial shade of a pine tree. Does this Spa... Read More »

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How to Plant Pine Trees From Pine Cones?

Pine cones contain the seeds of the pine tree and develop in the cooler fall months. Once the pine cone matures, it turns brown and opens up, releasing the seeds into the wind. Although growing pin... Read More »

Why is the area under pine trees bare?

Falling pine needles make the soil beneath too acidic for many plants. The pine's thick vegetation casts too heavy a shadow for plants to grow. Some pines have thick root systems that efficiently t... Read More »

How to Plant Pine Trees?

Pine trees grace the landscape with their often triangular shape and constant dark green to blue color. They are known for their use around the holidays, and they are also valuable as windbreaks. A... Read More »

How do I plant eldarica pine trees?

PlantingDig a hole two times the size of the root system of your eldarica pine in full sun. Fill one-third of the hole with a quality, well-draining soil. Place the plant in the hole, making sure t... Read More »