Can You Plant Peppers Near Radishes?

Answer Summertime vegetable gardens produce bright growth, colorful blooms, and rewarding fruit and vegetable harvests. Truly efficient gardens include a wide variety of plants, with careful and efficient... Read More »

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When to plant peppers?

On One Hand: Peppers Require WarmthThe optimum soil temperature for growing peppers is 85 degrees F. In northern climates, start preparing the soil between February and April. Plant seeds in April ... Read More »

Can I plant tomatoes next to peppers?

Tomatoes and peppers go together in foods, and it appears that there's no problem planting them side-by-side in gardens, either. There is some anecdotal evidence that planting hot peppers beside to... Read More »

How do I plant banana peppers?

IndoorStart the banana peppers indoors eight to 10 weeks before the last danger of frost date. Keep the soil moist and warm. A temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is ideal.OutdoorTranspl... Read More »

Why are some cherry peppers hot and some are not even though they come off the same plant?

ANSWER: Its because they were pollinated by a hot pepper. I have had sweet banana peppers cross pollinated by either a cayanne or a jalipeno and it was so hot, it would make your underwear burst in... Read More »