Can You Open a Second Claim of Unemployment After Using Up All the Claim in Ohio?

Answer There's a simple reason the U.S. Department of Labor and states limit the length of time anyone can receive unemployment: The program and its benefits are meant to provide only temporary relief to ... Read More »

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How to File an Ohio Unemployment Claim?

With the national unemployment rate at its highest in more than 20 years, it may be likely that you find yourself or have found yourself recently unemployed. If you live in Ohio and have lost your ... Read More »

Will You Get Paid Extra on Your Unemployment Claim if You Claim Your Children As Dependents?

Unemployment benefits aren't needs-based. Instead, they are merit-based and depend on the wages you earned before you became unemployed. In some states, you can collect a little more each week base... Read More »

What Happens If You Claim Unemployment & Find a Temporary Job & Have to Claim Unemployment Again?

Your state unemployment program wants you to find work. Unemployment insurance is there to help you through the rough times while you search for work. That's why if you get some temporary work, the... Read More »

Unemployment Claim Questions?

After losing a job, either voluntarily or through termination, many consumers find themselves struggling to make ends meet until they can secure new employment. Both federal and state governments o... Read More »