Can You Lose Your Home in a Bankruptcy?

Answer Bankruptcy is a way for those deeply in debt to stabilize their finances. There are two different types of bankruptcy -- Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Both allow you to keep your home, but there are co... Read More »

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Can you lose your car in bankruptcy?

Whether or not you lose your car depends on the type of bankruptcy, the car and your individual circumstances. If the car still has some value and you own it outright, you may need to sell it to co... Read More »

Can you lose your 401(k) by filing bankruptcy?

In most cases, filing for bankruptcy does not result in losing contributions or earnings that are held in a 401(k) plan. This type of asset is protected by the Employee Retirement Income Security A... Read More »

Can you lose your property if you file bankruptcy?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers who file Chapter 13 bankruptcies can keep their personal property. Consumers who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, may lose any property that ... Read More »

What did Chrysler's union lose in bankruptcy?

Before the federal government agreed to help Chrysler with a multibillion-dollar funding plan, the government required unions to agree to concessions first. In the April 18, 2009, issue of "The Wal... Read More »