Can You Haggle with eBay Buy Now Sellers?

Answer You can avoid the competition and possibly losing that item you want using eBay's "Buy Now" option to get the auction listing at a set price. In some instances, you may be able to haggle with a "Bu... Read More »

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For sellers on eBay!?

They do count you! At one time they didn't you, not sure why they changed that! Cheapest lables are the ones you make!

How to Find Reliable Sellers on eBay?

eBayFinding a good seller can make, or break, your experience with eBay. If you decide to 'test the water' and then get ripped off, your chances are less that you will come back. eBay has come up w... Read More »

Why are Australians so against ebay and Chinese sellers?

Some Chinese eBay sellers are selling imitation products. So are some Australian sellers, for that matter. If your argument is that actually everything is always genuine, you're talking nonsense.... Read More »

On Ebay, do sellers have to leave feedback for you?

Most sellers wait for the buyer to leave it first, to show weather they are happy with their item.Feedback is optional and not all leave it.