Can You Grow More Than One Seed in a Tray Compartment?

Answer Many gardeners get a jump on the growing season by starting seeds indoors and transplanting them outside once the soil is warm enough. Seeds can be started indoors in individual peat pots or in tra... Read More »

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How to Grow More Than One Pumpkin Per Vine?

The number of female flowers on a pumpkin vine determines how many pumpkins develop on that plant. The first flowers to bloom usually are males. The pollen they produce attracts pollinators. When t... Read More »

How do i get my hair to grow more than an inch in a month?

There's no way to speed growth of hair. My only suggestion it's to take more care of your on your head already to prevent less breakage and damage. Most people don't realize that their hair is grow... Read More »

How to Plant Seeds in a Basic Seed Tray?

A basic seed tray or "flat" is a cheap, no-frills way to get plants started for your garden or farm. (You can use a paper egg carton) It also happens to be one of the best ways, if you plant your s... Read More »

Can you download apps more than once on more than one android phone on the same account?

Motorola is introducing a new low-end line of Android phones for Boost Mobile. They're throwing around the $350-$400 price range right now. That is pretty cool, considering you won't be tied down t... Read More »