Can You Grow Japanese Persimmons From a Seed?

Answer Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki) is a native fruit from China, Japan, northern India and Burma. In its native habitat, the fruit grows at altitudes of up to 8,000 feet. The fruit has been cultiv... Read More »

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How to Root Japanese Persimmons?

Japanese persimmons, or Diospyros kaki, originated in the woodlands of eastern China and are now cultivated in warm, temperate regions around the world for their edible fruit. The trees display a s... Read More »

How to Grow American Persimmons?

An attractive addition to the home landscape, American persimmon or common persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) produces sweet fruits that increase in flavor the longer they stay on branches. Native to... Read More »

Amaryllis have seed pods...when and how do i harvest them how hard are they to grow from seed?

It seems easy enough... but the seeds need to be planted soon after the capsule matures and opens. If you delay, the seeds may die. As the flower fades, the pod at the base of the flower will swel... Read More »

Does a seed need the sun to grow?

In a way, yes. Some seeds germinate only when covered with soil, but the actual triggering mechanism depends on the wavelength of light reaching the seed. Seeds that germinate in "darkness" require... Read More »