Can You Get a Spray Tan After Being Waxed?

Answer Getting ready for a big night is often a mix of hair appointments, nail salons, tanning and, of course, waxing. We all want the perfect hair, the perfect body and the perfect all-around look, but a... Read More »

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Why do cats spray after being neutered?

Neutering is the surgical sterilization of a male cat. This surgery reduces sexual hormones and renders a cat physically unable to reproduce. Spraying is a hormone-related behavior by which a cat m... Read More »

What's the difference between waxed and non-waxed dental floss?

Wax is applied to string-floss to keep it from shredding as easily as you floss between tight spots. If it unravels on you or leaves too much wax, you could try "glide" type floss or "ribbon floss"... Read More »

Odd question but how to keep eyebrow area from swelling after gettin waxed?

Three things help a lot: *Ice *Aloe*CucumberUse the ice first, very briefly (ice makes things red too-but this will help with swelling) then add the aloe and if you have the time; put cucumbers on ... Read More »

How to Get Used to Being Back in French Immersion After Being in English for a Year?

Switching languages for schooling can be disorienting although you will probably find that the school shift itself adds to the difficulties of a language shift. Trying to find a settled routine mat... Read More »