Can You Get A GOOD WORKOUT Without A Lot Of SWEATING?

Answer yea! its the same amt of exercise, u just arent losing some sweaty ole' water weight!sweating makes ur body burn a few extra cals to cool it down so thats all ur missin out on :)

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I need a good hangover cure, shaking sweating no appetite?

It something greasy, and drink some chocolate milk. I don't know what it is with the choc milk, but IT WORKS!!!!! Also, take a goody powder. You will be feeling better in no time!

Is this a good arm workout?

its good I would change some things that work better for meI do skull crushers and superset them with the close grip bench press with the easy curl bar... I personally hate cable rope overhead tric... Read More »

Is it good to workout at age of 13?

Trust me.Take a martial arts course!Get to class at least four times a week.You'll stay fit and learn how to defend yourself as an added benefit.

What's a good arm workout?

Curls for biceps. For forearms do a wrist curls. If you use a gym look around, there might be a weight tied to a rope for another exercise.