Can You File Married Jointly if Your Wife Does Not Work?

Answer Most of the revenue funding the operation of the federal government comes from individual income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service considers all income not specifically exempted from taxation to... Read More »

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Getting married. Is it better to file taxes 'single' or 'jointly'?

It is far better to continue to file Single until the begining of the new year. If you owe taxes now, try increasing your W-4.You change your W-4 whenever and as often as YOU want. Your employer ... Read More »

Tax question if i got married nov do my husband and i need to file single or jointly on the tax forms and why?

You file married. The law says (basically) that you file according to your marital status as of 12/31. You then have a choice of file a joint return with your husband, or each of you could file a... Read More »

Can a Married Couple Get Back More on Their Income Taxes If They File Separate or Jointly?

The Internal Revenue Service clearly states that married taxpayers will end up paying more income taxes when they file separate returns rather than joint ones. Therefore, unless you have other nont... Read More »

If you are married but your wife lives in a different state and does not own a vehicle do you have to add her to your auto policy?

Answer Yes, It just depends on the Insurers underwriting guidelines. Some will set a maximum of four vehicles or drivers per policy, others will not