Can You Draw Unemployment if You Are Fired in the State of Tennessee?

Answer The loss of income from unemployment can be scary. When ill fortune strikes, residents of Tennessee can turn to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development for help. Tennessee unemployment in... Read More »

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Can you collect unemployment after disability benefits end if you have been fired for being on disability in the state of California?

For this purpose you will have to apply through the Social Security Administration process. Make sure that you specify that you seek disability, rather than retirement, benefits. You may be able to... Read More »

How to Draw Unemployment While Looking for an Out of State Job?

If you are collecting unemployment benefits and having a hard time finding a job, you can look for a job in another state. You are not required to look for jobs only in your state. As long as you a... Read More »

Can I collect unemployment if I was fired?

Should you find yourself unexpectedly out of work, don't fret--the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program may deem you eligible to receive unemployment benefits. These benefits can help you m... Read More »

Can I Collect Unemployment If I Was Fired Without Documentation?

Being fired can be traumatic, but the financial consequences of being without an income can be even more difficult. Those who are terminated for cause aren't usually eligible for state unemployment... Read More »