Can You Cut Lilies Down After They Bloom?

Answer True lilies, those in the genus Lilium, are graceful, elegant plants that flower on vertical, leafy stems. These stems die down in the winter, but the bulb that survives the cold months deep underg... Read More »

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When do stargazer lilies bloom&how long do they stay in bloom?

Stargazer lilies should be planted in early spring and will quickly bloom within two weeks of planting. The beautiful stargazer lily can stay in bloom for two to three weeks.References:Types of Flo... Read More »

When do day lilies bloom?

In most cases, day lilies bloom for one day from spring through summer. There are more than 35,000 registered varieties of day lilies, according to The thick, clump-forming perenn... Read More »

When do stargazer lilies bloom?

Stargazer lilies are a fragrant flower that blooms in late June, early July. They will grow to be about 3 feet in height and enjoy full sun and moist soil. The lilies should be planted in early spr... Read More »

When do peace lilies bloom?

The blooming time for a peace lily is dependent on the variety and size of the plant. Some varieties of peace lilies have long blooming seasons, with blooms that last a few weeks, so you may see bl... Read More »