Can You Color Damaged Hair?

Answer While experimenting with hair color can be fun and create an exciting new look for you, it can wreak havoc on your hair. Although, it's not recommended to continue the process of dyeing, highlighti... Read More »

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How to Fix Color Damaged Hair?

Color damaged hair is frizzy and difficult to style. Split ends may break off or split further up the hair shaft, inhibiting volume and new hair growth. Color is uneven, and coloring your hair agai... Read More »

How to Color Damaged Hair?

The chemicals and high temperatures many people expose their hair to regularly can cause serious and irreparable hair damage. If you're one of those people and now need to take extra care of your h... Read More »

How to Treat Color-Damaged Hair?

Hair coloring products have opened up a world of beauty to women. Whether done professionally at a salon or at home from a box, women can change their look or maintain their youthful color easily a... Read More »

What color are water damage stickers before they are damaged?

Cell phones are equipped with white or silver special stickers that turn a specific color, which is usually red, when the phone comes in contact with water. If your phone's sticker turns red, you m... Read More »