Can You Buy Colored Contacts Without a Prescription?

Answer Change your eye color as often as you change clothes. Contact lenses have made the transition from boring vision correction to fashion accessory. Enhance your appearance with lenses in any conceiva... Read More »

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Can u get non-prescription colored contacts?

You can- but by law you have to have a prescription, even if you just want them for changing your eye color. The Contact exam usually runs around $100, and the disposable color lenses start like $3... Read More »

Can i resuse non prescription colored contacts?

Its better not to reuse the non prescription colored contacts because in the label of the contacts it has said not to be used more than once. And its about you eyes so better you shouldn't it may b... Read More »

Can you get colored contacts from walmart without a prescription?

I dunno what those last 2 are talking about but you can't get contacts without a prescription.Walmart will have them, IF they have an optical department , but you still need a prescription from an ... Read More »

How much do non prescription colored contacts cost?

Contacts are regulated by the FDA and require a prescription for you to purchase them legally (same concept as prescription drugs). There is no such thing as non-prescription color contact lenses ... Read More »