Can You Avoid U.S Income Taxes by Dual Citizenship?

Answer When you move to another country, you can retain your citizenship in the U.S. even if you take on the citizenship of the other nation. While you live in the other country, you may be able to get ou... Read More »

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Can you avoid U.S. income taxes by dual citizenship?

All United States citizens, regardless of dual citizenship or location abroad, must pay taxes. The only way to completely eliminate the need to account to the government for taxes is to give up you... Read More »

How to Avoid Paying Income Taxes Legally?

A number of scams promote tax free havens and loopholes, but what most people don't know is that there are a number of legal ways to avoid paying income taxes. The most important thing to remember ... Read More »

If you live in Florida but work in Illinois can you avoid paying Illinois state income taxes?

No because Illinois will want some state income taxes paid on the income that was earned in Illinois.

Does the UK allow dual citizenship?

The United Kingdom allows dual citizenship. You do not need to give up your current nationality or citizenship to become a British citizen. If, however, you are already a British citizen and you wi... Read More »