Can X-rays be e-mailed?

Answer X-rays can be converted and scanned as high quality digital files in a variety of file formats that third-party applications and systems can recognize. These formats include jpg, gif and pdf files,... Read More »

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Can X-rays be e-mailed under HIPAA?

According to the American Association of Dental Office Managers, if you email a patient X-rays, you must only use a secure or encrypted email service. However, if the patient authorizes it, you may... Read More »

How to Get the GED Test Mailed to You?

The GED is a program of the American Council on Education. You must take the GED at an official GED testing center, but you can get the test results mailed to you once you have completed the test. ... Read More »

When do taxes have to be mailed by?

Federal income taxes must be postmarked by April 15th each year. The postmark date is the day that the post office recognizes receiving the envelope, properly addressed and with sufficient postage.... Read More »

When Should IRS Forms Be Mailed?

Federal tax forms issued by the IRS are due on a specified date. Different forms have different dates. The most common due date is April 15 for income tax forms. Forms must be postmarked or e-fil... Read More »