Can Wikipedia be trusted as an objective source of information?

Answer It isn't a question of whether or not *Wikipedia* can be trusted; each article and topic has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, because a different set of people authors and controls each art... Read More »

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Can information on Wikipedia be trusted?

I would not use it as my ONLY source, but definitely a good starting point. If the article you are looking at has citations that "verify" the information, that is a help, IF the websites are credi... Read More »

Is wikipedia a relyable source of information?

It basically depends on who you ask, as you'll get just as many yes answers as you will no answers. Overall, it's a fairly decent source of information. However, there are at least a few articles t... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a bad source to gather information?

The information on wikipedia is only as reliable as the person posting it. Granted I have used it to familiarize myself with topics or people but you can never cite it as a source because most accr... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?

Yes and no.The word "reliable" has a particular connotation: that one can simply rely on that source and prima facie (without further evidence) expect it to be true.Wikipedia has a lot of great con... Read More »