Can Vonage VoIP service work with DISH Network?

Answer Vonage VoIP services can be used with DISH Network and other satellite television providers. As of February 2010, some retailers sell Vonage and DISH Network together as a package of services.Sourc... Read More »

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How to Make Your DirecTV Tivo work with Vonage VOIP service?

Most people experience problems with using their DirecTV Tivo (aka DirecTivo) with Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone service or IPvaani Video Phone Service. The problem is that Vonage phone service... Read More »

How to Configure a Modem to Make DirecTV work with Vonage VOIP Service?

This page was designed to complement the page, How to Make Your Directv Tivo work with Vonage VOIP service. Be sure you have a modem with non volatile memory (NVRAM). Before hooking up your modem t... Read More »

What is the best business calling plan out there besides ATT. Is Voip better Is vonage a good service to have?

To advertise and be able to AFFORD it, you need a traditional land line for access e yellow pages.Check for other business providers in your area, like Eschelon or IntegraThey are one in the same d... Read More »

How well does DISH network service work during bad weather?

Answer"Small satellites are line of sight. Like a flashlight beam. The more clouds between you and the signal the weaker the signal. If you do this with rain you get more loss of signal. Just how m... Read More »