Can Vitamin E Cause Crystals to Form on the Skin?

Answer Vitamin E is not associated with crystal formation on the skin, but individuals who are suspected of having allergies or who are sensitive to vitamin E should avoid using skin treatments that conta... Read More »

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Is it true that eating prawns shortly after taking vitamin C will cause arsenic acid to form in the body and create a potentially fatal situation?

Answer No, it's not true. It's an urban legend that has been going around the internet and is not based in fact. See the related link below for a site that talks about the history of this fake email.

How do crystals form?

Crystal formation is dependent on a number of factors within the chemicals or minerals that are crystallizing. For example, snowflakes form in a different way than diamonds do.NucleationTo form a c... Read More »

How to Form Crystals?

Sodium chloride (salt) crystals form through a chemical reaction that occurs when a water and salt mixture meets with air and evaporates, causing atoms to form symmetrically in a crystalline solid.... Read More »

How Do Crystals Form in Caves?

Crystals can develop in a vast range of shapes and sizes, from crystals visible only under a microscope to towering giant crystals formed over thousands of years in specialized conditions. Crystals... Read More »