Can Vitamin C really induce menstrual cycle?

Answer Inducing Menstration with HerbsHerbs that help in inducing menstration are called emmenogugues. There are many herbs that help in inducing menstration. Some of them include:Parsley: For a delayed o... Read More »

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Is it possible to not have a menstrual cycle?

Yes, when you do not have a menstrual cycle it is called amenorrhea. The primary form of this condition occurs when menstruation does not begin before the age of 16. The secondary form is when mens... Read More »

Can you get pregnant on the first day of a menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Ovulation occurs midcycleIn a typical menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before menstruation begins. During ovulation, an egg is released and may live for 12 to 24 hours a... Read More »

Can you ovulate twice in one menstrual cycle?

The average menstrual cycle can vary from 24 to 32 days; ovulation--when the ovaries release an egg--occurs at the midpoint of a woman's cycle. A woman ovulates once during her cycle. She will mens... Read More »

Is a 24-day menstrual cycle normal?

According to, the average range for a menstrual cycle is between 21 and 45 days, depending on age. The length of your cycle depends on hormones, body makeup, health and environment... Read More »