Can VDF military police wear badges?

Answer All members of the Virginia Defense Force (VDF), including the Military Police, are entitled to wear badges. Section 3-1 of the VDF Orientation Course instructs badges to be placed above the right... Read More »

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Do military police officers wear military uniforms?

Yes. It is often symbolized with a MP (Military Police) badge clearly visible.

What is the origin of police badges?

Police badges are believed to have originated around 1845 in London, England, where the first police department was established. The badges were made of copper and that is how "copper" and eventual... Read More »

In the game"Mobsters,"where do you get police badges?

In "Mobsters," you can get a police badge through a mission called "Infiltrate Police Department." This mission becomes available once you're level 25. It requires four recruited mobsters and two... Read More »

Can you wear air force badges in the army?

Depends. Aeronautical badges and the space badge can be worn as group 3 badges. Badges that solely denote occupation (communications, acquisitions, logistics, etc...) can not be worn. With ribbons,... Read More »