Can UK residents get US auto insurance with UK insurance history?

Answer No you will likely be rated as a new driver. Almost no, US insurance company will be williing to apply your foreign driving record to your US policy.

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If an out of state driver with no auto insurance has an accident in NJ is their health insurance or the NJ driver's auto insurance primary?

%REPLIES% Answer Someone's health insurance is not going to cover any injuries in an auto accident. That covered by the insurance on the vehicle. Since there wasn't any, it would appear the victim(... Read More »

Can you have renter's insurance with a different company than your auto insurance?

Yes, you can. However, you may want to shop around since many companies will give you a discount when you have multiple products with them. Also, should you have an event that involves both, then y... Read More »

Can you get umbrella insurance with a different company than your personal auto insurance?

What are the definitions for liability insurance medical payments insurance uninsured motorist comprehensive and collision for auto insurance?

Answer Liability insurance: The coverage found on any auto policy that handles damage you cause to another person's property, either directly or indirectly with your car.Medical Payments Insurance:... Read More »