Can Tulip Bulbs Be Planted in Early Spring?

Answer Tulips, known for their tall slender stem and large round blooms, are one of the first flowers of spring. Tulips are typically planted once soil temperatures reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in... Read More »

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Do tulip bulbs need to be planted every year?

The tulip grows from a bulb that stays underground. With proper maintenance, the tulip will come back each spring. Cutting back the stem but leaving the leaves intact after the flower dies helps th... Read More »

Can forced tulip bulbs be planted?

Forced tulip bulbs are planted outside after blooming in order to save the bulb. The bulbs will rejuvenate and blossom again in a couple of years. Always use new bulbs each year for forcing or the ... Read More »

Can iris bulbs be planted in the spring?

Iris bulbs should not be planted in the spring. For best growing results, however, transplant iris plants six weeks after the flowers finish blooming--through September and October, according to th... Read More »

Can flower bulbs be planted in the spring?

Many different types of flower bulbs can be planted in the spring. Some of the varieties that do well when planted in the spring are canna lily, elephant ear, lily of the valley, blackberry lily an... Read More »