Can To much water in unborn baby's kidneys be fatal?

Answer My guess would be yes. The reason that I say this is because you need a specially trained person to use the feeding pump, feedings tube, and feedings. Preschools/Schools without a person specialize... Read More »

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Can your unborn babys stomach be confused with his gall bladder?

Sadly, no one is fully sure where lice originated from. Since lice is actually a parasite, just like hookworm or certain viruses, the most logical answer is that lice has been around since the begi... Read More »

Why would an unborn babys life be in danger if the umbilical cord was damaged?

Yes, because the umbical cord is the source of babys nutrition and circulation.

Carbonated Water Vs. Flat Water for Healthy Kidneys?

Drinking carbonated water actually will result in more pressure being put on the kidneys, according to the website Carbonated Seltzer Water. The kidneys, less than a pound in weight each, are alrea... Read More »

Can water on the knee be fatal?

On One Hand: It's Not FatalWater on the knee, known clinically as a knee effusion, is a painful but non-fatal condition typically caused by a sports injury or as a side effect of obesity. An effusi... Read More »