Can Synthetic Motor Oils Be Mixed?

Answer Different synthetic motor oils may be mixed, if needed. As all synthetic motor oils are derived from compounds other than crude oil, they are similar in their structure and offer similar protection... Read More »

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Can Different Brands of Synthetic Motor Oil Be Mixed?

Synthetic motor oil is a substitute for conventional motor oil. Though the synthetic oils from different companies are not chemically identical, the oils can be mixed together.

How to Mix Synthetic & Conventional Motor Oils?

Oil companies distill conventional motor oil from naturally occurring crude oil found underground. The same companies engineer synthetic oil in a laboratory and mass produce it. While synthetic oil... Read More »

How to Mix Synthetic & Detergent Motor Oils?

Detergent motor oil is usually regular motor oil with additives that help clean the engine and improve performance. Synthetic motor oil is lubricant made of chemical compounds other than crude oil ... Read More »

The Best Performing Non-Synthetic Motor Oils?

Performance in a motor oil is measured by the gas mileage and performance of your engine. A good motor oil will maintain your piston chambers, seals, and internal parts while pulling out debris and... Read More »