Can Super Glue be used in a fish aquarium?

Answer The Super Glue Corporation, the official makers of Super Glue products, make a special waterproof epoxy adhesive that is especially designed for marine or waterproof projects. This waterproof epoxy... Read More »

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Can PVC pipe be used in a fish aquarium?

PVC pipe can be safely used in fish aquariums. Fish experts often recommend placing a piece of PVC pipe in the tank for fish that produce and detect electric fields, such as knifefishes. Joseph S. ... Read More »

Can glass marbles be used in a fish aquarium?

Glass marbles can be used to decorate an aquarium but should not be used as a substrate. While glass marbles can add color to an aquarium, they are not an ideal material on which beneficial bacter... Read More »

How much charcoal is used in a fish aquarium filter?

The amount of carbon needed in an aquarium varies, and there is no set general amount. Aquarium filter manufactures make prepackaged carbon inserts for their products that contain the correct amoun... Read More »

What fish are compatible with molly aquarium fish?

Some compatible tank mates for molly fish are plecostomus, platies, guppies and larger varieties of tetras. Because of their flowing fins, mollies do well with most fish that are neither aggressive... Read More »