Can Spy Sweeper Remove Trojan Horses?

Answer Spy Sweeper is an anti-spyware utility developed by Webroot. Spy Sweeper is available in three forms: as a stand-alone application; bundled with Webroot's anti-virus software; or bundled with anti-... Read More »

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I've got four Trojan Horses what does this mean!?

Trojans basically allow someone you don't know to, well, control your PC, access files, do stuff you wouldn't want to do and install even more fun stuff on your computer. Put it in a nutshell, they... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Trojan Horses?

Oh No! You just got a free RuneScape membership, but it was fake. IT was actually a Trojan horse! What would you do, Wait and let the Trojan horse destroy the computer, or get rid of it fast.

I have 3 trojan horses can you help?

if the virus removers arent able to remove them then write down where the programs are located at on the hard drive and reboot into safe mode and go in manually and delete the files yourself. once... Read More »

Trojan horses please help?

Kick that trojan horse out of your laptop. if your Antivirus won't removed it you can removed it yourselp by formatting your HDrive and reinstalling your Operating System or if you have the Recover... Read More »