Can Sewer Gas Leak From a Toilet?

Answer Sewer gas can leak from an improperly installed or maintained toilet. Toilets with an adequate seal between the flange and the stool and with water in the trap should be safe from gas leaks. While ... Read More »

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What is the plumbing drop to main sewer line if you are installing a toilet 40 feet from the exisiting sewer line?

Sewer Smell From Toilet?

A sewer smell in your house not only is offensive to the nose, but also it can put the occupants of the house or building in danger. Sewer gasses can be toxic to humans, especially since the fumes ... Read More »

How to Repair My Toilet Sewer Line?

Toilet sewer lines can break if old, and the couplings (fittings) can sometimes leak. Once the problem area has been located, you can remove and replace it. Make sure that you have sufficient room ... Read More »

Toilet Smells Like Sewer Gas?

Sewer gasses not only smell unpleasant, but they can also be toxic to humans. In addition, methane may be present in sewer gasses, which is highly flammable. Some toilets may smell because they hav... Read More »