Can Sensodyne toothpaste rebuild your teeth?

Answer I've been using it for a while and I haven't seen much of an improvement

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What are some alternatives to Sensodyne toothpaste?

My mom uses the Crest brand. I think it's called Crest Sensitivity? Came out a few years ago. She likes it. She says it's cheaper and taste better.

Does toothpaste with whitener whiten teeth more than regular toothpaste?

On One Hand: There Might Be Some ChangeMany studies have been performed on whitening toothpastes and some indicate a minimal change in tooth color. In 2006, a Consumer Reports study resulted in a s... Read More »

Is brushing your teeth without toothpaste as effective as with toothpaste?

AnswerPractically yes, if you discount the beneficial effects of fluoride. AnswerYes, it is basically the same. There are lots of arguments against fluoride, too. Everything I have read so far, by... Read More »

How to Brush Teeth Without Toothpaste?

Here is an easy way to keep your teeth clean if you ever find yourself without toothpaste. This is also great for people who have health concerns about toothpaste and it is easy to take on camping ... Read More »