Can Senokot be taken while on Metamucil?

Answer There is no interaction between these two medications, which work in entirely different ways. Be sure your doctor is okay with you taking Senokot, because it should not be taken if an intestinal b... Read More »

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Can Dayquil be taken while pregnant?

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with the same question

Sick while taken tramadol x?

Reduce the dose to 1- 2x daily.Or if you NEED it, 2 at night.Get of that crap ASAP though.Do NOT take it as a long term pain management drug, it's rubbish, and is easy to become physically addicted... Read More »

Can a flu shot be taken while having a fever?

It is recommended by the CDC that if you have an infection causing fever like a cold or the flu you might benefit to wait until you are over it before getting a flu shot or other vaccination. Your ... Read More »

What medicines can be taken while nursing?

Nursing mothers can take many medications safely, but drugs can get into breast milk and impact your baby. Use caution when taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and consult your doct... Read More »