Can Seeds Grow on Clay?

Answer Pick up moist garden soil and squeeze it in your hand. If it sticks together, forming a hard, sticky mass, you probably have clay soil. Clay soil is difficult for the gardener to work with. It also... Read More »

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Do seeds grow in clay?

Seeds can grow in clay soil, but the soil would work better with a bit of help. Start coming up to speed on soil and soil amendments. (Sounds like you already are.)A link is provided to give you a ... Read More »

Do heirloom seeds grow better in clay soil?

You can buy heirloom seeds for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers and other plants. It is important to realize, however, that not all heirloom seeds grow best in the same kind of soil.... Read More »

Do large seeds grow taller than small seeds?

Can daylilies grow in clay?

Daylilies can grow under both clay and soil conditions. Daylilies have thick roots which allow them to store nutrients to replenish themselves, sustaining life in unfamiliar conditions like harsh w... Read More »