Can Sami ancestry be proven by genetic testing?

Answer On One Hand: Who Are the Sami?The Sami are an ethnic minority of Northern Europe. They are natives of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some Sami also are from Russia's Kola Peninsula. Altogether, the Sa... Read More »

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Can one adopt an 18-year-old who through DNA testing has been proven to be the person's biological child?

Genetic Testing for Parents?

Genetic testing can be done for a variety of reasons, which include testing for diseases that may be caused by genetic mutations. When parents choose to undergo genetic testing, the testing may be ... Read More »

Genetic Testing for Twins?

Parents are flooded with a variety of emotions and questions when learning that they are expecting twins. Most parents wonder at some point if their twins are identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (... Read More »

How reliable is genetic dna testing?

Genetic DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing is regarded as the most reliable way of identifying parents and other relatives.EffectsGenetic DNA testing is conducted by sampling a tiny amount of bloo... Read More »