Can Romex be used in PVC outside?

Answer On One Hand: Outdoor Use is ProhibitedRomex cannot be used in PVC outside. The International Residential Building Code and the National Electric Code do not allow for Romex to be used anywhere exce... Read More »

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How to Use Outdoor Romex?

Outdoor Romex -- a brand of nonmetallic electrical cable meant to be installed underground -- is protected by a different exterior insulation material than indoor Romex. Indoor Romex's outer sheath... Read More »

Can you use romex in chicago?

You can not use Romex in most areas of Chicago. Check with your municipality's building department for appropriate codes. Instead of Romex, use BX cable for in-wall electrical work and installation... Read More »

Can romex be exposed?

Romex wire can be exposed. The National Electric Code requires that all accessible Romex below 8 feet must be enclosed or protected. Romex can, however, be exposed above the 8-foot level.Source:Naf... Read More »

What is a 10 gauge romex used for?

Ten gauge Romex is used to wire a circuit subjected to the electrical load demanded of a heavy appliance such as an air conditioner, heater or on a circuit powering a large bank of high intensity l... Read More »