Can Revving the Engine Ruin a Car Battery?

Answer To rev your engine means to apply a lot of sudden pressure to the gas in order to increase acceleration of the vehicle. Some drivers do this when pulling off on to a highway from a ramp or driving ... Read More »

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Can over-revving a Civic engine cause damage?

Over-revving any engine, including a Civic engine, can cause catastrophic engine damage. Over-revving occurs when the driver shifts into a much lower gear when the car is traveling at speed. For ex... Read More »

Can i ruin my battery by jumping another car battery?

It is possible to ruin a car battery when using it to jump another battery if the jumper cables are hooked up incorrectly. The positive (red) ends of the jumper cables should be connected to the po... Read More »

Can going through a puddle ruin my car battery?

Passing through a normal puddle should not ruin a car battery, in most cases. However, it depends on the condition of the battery, its location, splash protection items and how much water splashed ... Read More »

Will Hitting the Rev Limiter Ruin Your Engine?

All vehicles with an internal combustion engine are fitted with some kind of rev limiter that prevents the engine from revving beyond its physical capacity. Reaching this limit from time to time is... Read More »