Can Retired Federal Employees Deduct Health Insurance Premiums?

Answer Medical premiums that you pay can be deducted from your taxes as a medical expense. Of course, there are exceptions. If you have coverage in any month under Tricare (a program covering U.S. militar... Read More »

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Are retired federal employee health premiums paid with pretax dollars?

Retired federal employee health premiums are not paid with pre-tax dollars. Retirees make monthly payments for their health benefits with after-tax dollars from their annuities. Active employees pa... Read More »

Can a statutory employee deduct health insurance premiums?

A statutory employee is considered as an employee for Social Security and medical tax purposes but as self employed for income tax. The cost of medical insurance premiums are 100 percent deductible... Read More »

Can i deduct the amount that i paid toward employer health insurance premiums from my income tax?

You are allowed to deduct the portion that you pay toward employer health insurance premiums from your income tax as long as you are not reimbursed as part of the medical expenses deduction. Howeve... Read More »

What do employees do when their health insurance premiums rise?

As many health insurance options exist, employees react in different ways after seeing a rise in health insurance premiums. An employee may switch to a plan with less coverage with or without a con... Read More »