Can Radiation patients be near pregnant people?

Answer Answer If the patient is receiving external beam radiation. Radiation given on a daily outpatient basis then yes there is no exposure danger.

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Any breast cancer/chemo patients out there near the end or over treatment I am not even half way through?

I can appreciate very much how you are feeling, having cancer is no picnic and either is the chemo and/or radiation one must endure. My best advice is to turn to family & friends for support, that... Read More »

Can pregnant women be around chemotherapy patients?

On One Hand: Chemotherapy Is Not Transmitted Person to PersonCasual contact does not spread chemotherapy medications, so there is no danger to a pregnant woman or her fetus if the pregnant woman is... Read More »

Can pregnant women be around chemo patients?

Yes she can. Neither cancer or chemotherapy is contagious.

What are the effects of radiation to a pregnant woman?