Can Property Be Seized to Pay Unsecured Debt in Arkansas?

Answer If you have a credit card with a balance, then you have unsecured debt. If you have used utility services in your home, then you have unsecured debt. In the United States, we all have unsecured deb... Read More »

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When a home owners' association forecloses on a lien for delinquent fees does that mean the home owner's property can be seized to pay the debt?

To foreclose means to start the legal process by which the property can be sold to settle the debt or other obligation. The property is sold to the highest bidder. At the auction the association wi... Read More »

Can property be seized for nonpayment of property taxes?

Unfortunately, nonpayment of property taxes can lead to seizure of property by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If property tax goes unpaid for significant lengths of time, the seized house can ... Read More »

What is unsecured debt?

Unsecured debt is a loan you receive or a debt you incur that is not "secured"--backed--by an asset or other collateral. For example, your mortgage loan is secured debt, because it is backed by you... Read More »

What Is Done With Property Seized With Search Warrants?

When evidence of a crime is seized pursuant to a search warrant, the property is held securely, and may be subject to forfeiture, depending on the disposition of the case.