Can Prison Inmates Vote in Presidential Elections?

Answer A citizen's right to vote in a country's presidential election is determined by that country's primary law. In the United States, the primary law of the land is the United States Constitution. The ... Read More »

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Does Guam vote in U.S. presidential elections?

The U.S. territory of Guam can vote to send delegates to each major party's conventions when choosing a nominee for president, but Guam residents cannot vote in the actual presidential election, ac... Read More »

What percentage of Catholics vote in presidential elections?

In 2008, Catholics comprised one-quarter of all registered voters. With 47 million voters, the Catholic bloc can sway elections. In fact, according to a "Time" magazine article, "the winner of eigh... Read More »

Can prison inmates vote?

According to the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, individual states can disenfranchise citizens who have committed felonies. The majority of states do not allow current inmates, parolees or... Read More »

Do inmates sentenced to life in prison die in prison?

Prisoners sentenced to life in prison either receive a parolable life sentence or a non-paralolable life sentence. With the parolable sentence, the inmate can request parole after serving a certain... Read More »