Can Prilosec OTC cause constipation?

Answer According to, the side effects of Prilosec OTC do not include constipation. Adversely, diarrhea is listed among the several major side effects of this over-the-counter heartburn medicatio... Read More »

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Can constipation cause gas?

On One Hand: Pressure on Anus May Cause FlatulenceThe pressure in the anal tract and intestines from constipation can cause bacterial buildup that may lead to gas and flatulence.On the Other: Gas a... Read More »

Can coconut oil cause constipation?

On One Hand: Helps Alleviate ConstipationAccording to Brian Shilhavy, a contributor at Naturo Doc, constipation from coconut oil is uncommon. In fact, it alleviates and prevents constipation while... Read More »

Can Lactaid cause constipation?

Lactaid is a combination of the lactase enzyme and other ingredients. Lactaid is used to aid in the digestion of dairy products. Constipation is not listed as a side effect. No common side effects... Read More »

Can Constipation cause bleeding?

Yes it can. The feces is harder and you can get hemorrhoids which will break and bleed when the feces press on it or it will just bleed a little anyway.