Can Poison Ivy Grow in a Flower Bed With Tulips?

Answer Although poison ivy most often grows in woodland areas and fields, it can infiltrate a landscape and quickly become a nuisance, filling flowerbeds and twining among shrubs. Dealing with poison ivy ... Read More »

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What should you do to tulips after the flower has died?

Remove the faded flower to stop seed production and allow the foliage to die down naturally as that allows the bulb to build up energy and establish next years flower.

How to Grow Tulips?

Tulips are classified as perennials, but in some areas they are grown as annuals and given special care to produce repeat blooms. Native to the foothills of the Himalayas and Eastern Turkey, tulips... Read More »

How to Grow Tulips in Pots?

Tulips are a convenient plant to choose for container gardening. Each bulb only produces a single stalk, which prevents the flowers from growing too big for their pots. If you have a deep enough po... Read More »

What is your favourite flower, and do you grow it?

Livingstone Daisy's are my favourites easy to grow and psychedelic when open ...they create a great blaze of colour in any drab garden...