Can Plants Grow Without Trace Minerals?

Answer Plants require a balance of 17 minerals in order to survive. Without an adequate supply of any of these, whether required in large or small amounts, a plant cannot grow well and will ultimately die... Read More »

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Do minerals help plants grow?

yes indeed, there is manyminerals around your life.....even what your standing on.when minerals like fertilier comes and gets put on the plants.

Examples of Trace Minerals?

Trace minerals are included in the diet in minute doses. While nine trace minerals exist, only a few are well-known. The most well-known trace minerals are zinc, iron and selenium. These trace mine... Read More »

How do plants grow without sunlight?

Growing plants without sunlight is possible using "grow lights" to replace sunlight.Regular incandescent lighting is the least efficient and least effective for plant growth. Fluorescent lights and... Read More »

Do plants grow faster with or without sun?

Answer There are specific species of plants that are best suited for either sun or shade. Some form of sunlight is needed to provide growth, but some plants cannot tolerate direct sun. Sam bessant ... Read More »